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This guy is called Oscar a very playful bird with attractive colors.

Macaw Parrot For Sale – Buy Macaw Parrots Online

This guy is called Oscar a very playful bird with attractive colors. Oscar is not a name you hear every day, is it? Like my name, I am a pretty unique bird. I am a fully feathered and am absolutely gorgeous (if I do say so myself).

Buy Macaw Parrot online. I have definite likes and dislikes when it comes to humans. If you’re lucky enough to be liked by me, I give lots of love in return. I love a good phone book to chew on and an occasional paper bag is lots of fun too. Macaw Parrots for sale Like many of the other Macaw Parrots For Sale around here, my favorite treat is almonds and I also love almond butter sandwiches.

I choose the people I like carefully, but if you’re one of those people, I’ll be your best friend. I do require someone with Macaw experience who can read my body language. I don‘t like it when people wear baseball hats. Baseball hats scare me. Please keep this in mind if you come to visit me.

Macaws are playful and active and have an exuberant personality to go along with their size. This makes them a very challenging pet. Buy Macaw Parrots online, They are also very affectionate, and in turn, require a good deal of time and attention from their owners to be happy. This makes macaws very demanding birds to keep as a household pet. Contact us

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