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Coco is a cockatoo bird looking for a new home with much love and attention.

Cockatoo Parrot For Sale – Buy Cockatoo Parrots Online

Coco is a cockatoo bird looking for a new home with much love and attention. Hi, my name is Coco! Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my page. I’ve been called both Coco and Hercules, but since I call myself Coco (often times saying “I love you Coco ”), everyone calls me Lemon (I think that’s a nicer name anyway – very reflective of the beautiful yellow coloring underneath my flight feathers!).

Cockatoo Parrots For Sale, Buy Cockatoo Parrots online As you can see in my photo, I have to wear a protective collar because sometimes while preening my chest feathers, I get a little carried away and hurt myself by picking

This collar helps to distract me from this behavior – plus, I think it makes me look quite handsome and distinguished! UPDATE! I haven’t had to wear my collar for several months now!. Buy Cockatoo Parrots online Cockatoo Parrot For Sale, I am a sweet bird who needs a very patient person to work with me.

This scared me! Therefore, I get upset when anyone sticks their fingers through my cage bars and I’ll make sure to let you know…. hopefully, you’ll understand. For this reason, my ideal household will not have small children.I do enjoy coming out for a good head scratch with my human friends at the Farm.

I tend to be a little nervous when taken away from my cage, so you just need to go slow with me and have the time and patience to work with me. I’ve been told I’m getting much better in regards to this. Contact us now

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Cockatoo Parrots For Sale

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