This is Tiki! his a great companion in need of a permanent home. Please contact us with any questions about Tiki.

Buy Harlequin Macaw Parrot

This is Tiki! his a great companion in need of a permanent home!

Buy harlequin macaw parrot. These Parrots belong to the large breed category and can be quite loud with his calls. It has a pleasant and friendly personality.

This species of macaws thrives well in groups and are close, meaning that they would flourish better in a family or when paired up. Besides, this bird is intelligent and has excellent speech abilities.

The Harlequin Macaw is bred in captivity with parents who are “true” species of macaws – the green-wing and the blue and gold macaws. The result is striking tones of green and blue in the Harlequin macaw with gold color on the feathers and the underside of the tail. Buy harlequin macaw parrots

Just like any other macaw, the Harlequin Macaw for sale should be fed on a diet that includes high-quality seeds, a fresh serving of fruits and vegetables. Besides, with such a large bird, you’ll need to keep it busy with plenty of toys. Learn More 

Parrots are intelligent animals who depend on some degree of socialization and will not be good pets unless they are taught and patterned to be good pets. Good training is therefore vital to make these parrots bond with you.

The popularity, longevity, and intelligence of many of the larger pet parrots have led to many of these birds being re-homed during the course of their long lifespan. Buy Harlequin Macaw Parrots

A common problem is that large parrot species which are cuddly and gentle as juveniles will mature into complex, often demanding adults that can outlive their owners. Due to these problems, and the fact that homeless parrots are not euthanized like dogs and cats, parrot adoption centers and sanctuaries are becoming more common. Contact us 

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