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We are a family of parrot lovers and love to find this parrots a good home where they will be spoiled with much love, attention, and care. If you would provide that, then we shall be so happy to give any of our babies to you. The price of our Birds are very affordable every parrot lover can afford these birds. We are not out to make a profit but to find these birds the best home. How Was Parottdise Discovered? In the year 2003 our grandparents were so much in love with parrot so much that, They decided to buy a male and female Macaw parrot which they did breed. They named the birds after my sister and I ( Isabella and James) after years of breeding they had some many macaws which they sold locally to Parrot lover's of Texas it was so much fun that they had to expand by getting other breeds such as Amazon parrots, cockatoos and African grey parrot with every family member taking part inbreeding. Parottdise is the number 1 Parrot breeder in America. Buy parrots online here at Parottdise

buy parrots online

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Lucy And Max

This is Lucy And Max ! They are both African grey parrots female and male looking forward to meet their new owner.


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This is Tiki! his a great companion in need of a permanent home.Please contact us with any questions about Tiki.


Cockatoo Parrots For Sale


Coco is a cockatoo bird looking for a new home with much love and attention. His ready to go Please contact us now.


Macaw Parrots For Sale


This guy is called Oscar a very playful bird with attractive colors .Please contact us with any questions about Oscar.


buy amazon parrot online


This Charlie very handsome and talkative parrot. He's just so sweet Please contact us with any questions about Charlie.


Buy Blue And Gold Macaw Parrots


This beautiful bird Bella is ready to find her new home! Please contact us with any questions about Bella.


What is a parrot bird?

Many people ask this question. Parrots are large group of birds with curved beaks and oftentimescolorful plumage. Which feed on seeds, nuts, fruit, buds. There are nearly 400 known species of Parrots, all of which are in the taxonomic. this exotic birds extremely intelligent and have been bred as pets and are legal.


Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot;The Blue-and-Gold Macaw is aptly named, with a gorgeous Blue Body and dark lemon-yellow chest.

Cockatoos Parrots;

Are often referred to as “velcro” birds because of their highly sociable nature and borderline obsessive need to be around the people in their lives.

Amazon parrots;

Are known for their high intelligence, stubbornness and mischievousness. They have a bit of an impish nature! Amazon behavior and talking ability varies greatly 

Happy Customers!

buy parrots online
- Kyle and Barbara Hamilton

We are so happy to be having Alex his just the best parrot we have ever had his so sweet. I take him everywhere with me. He's like a son to my wife and me. Thanks to Parottdise we have a new baby. We are so much in love with Alex his my new driver and singer this guy talks a lot.

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